Pelham Road Baptist Church | Greenville, SC

Blue Sky and Gray Sky Prayer


Father of all time and any weather, our lives are composed of days with blue sky and gray. May we recognize the blue sky days, open our eyes to see the days where the birds sing and the sun shines and the sky is clear. May we not take these days for granted or ignore the beauty of your earth and our days.  May we celebrate the love and warmth found on these days, celebrating with longer hugs, meaningful conversation, and grateful hearts.

Yet when the sky turns gray may we accept these days, not as a curse or a difficulty to bear, but for what it is, another day. A day when  the air will be colder and wetter, yet we have nothing to fear from the gray sky. May we look at the gray sky with courage. Give us the ability to see clouds as temporary.

In the name of the one who is always present whether the sky is blue or gray, we pray, Amen.