Pelham Road Baptist Church | Greenville, SC

May I Have a God

May I have a God…

who is as much mystery as I can bear
to show me the way and hold me along the way
to let me go, even push me on

who is beyond creeds and words
who speaks, interrupts, and sometimes uses words
who is not limited by what I know or understand

who cries
when a river is polluted
when a child is raped

who rises up
in the lawyer who calls for better standards for our drinking water
in the preacher who gets lathered up about injustice

who is more than our metaphors
not a father, or water or even light
but a place a destination—home

who welcomes my uncertainty
to act as a presence not a judge
to step toward me not turn from me

who has enough self-assurance to not be troubled by my doubts
who has patience like the servant Job
who is unafraid of an honest question and hesitation

who cares enough to say “Honey come here and sit down”
when I am out of control
when I am baffled

who cannot be limited to one book
in the forest
in the microchip can be found

who hears beyond my voice
not a song, prayer, or sermon
but in a place—-heart

(John Roy, March 2014)