Pelham Road Baptist Church | Greenville, SC

Orange Wreath in Memoriam

If you have driven by our church you have noticed this orange wreath. This represents the people who die in mass shootings. Each time a person uses gun violence to spread their hate we will display this wreath. We will keep it up for 1 day for each victim who died. Recently 11 people died while worshipping at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. So for 11 days, we will bear witness to God’s love in a world divided by hate. This is the power of the church. We do not have political power, we do not have the power of this world, however, we are not powerless. We have the power of the steadfast witness for what is right and just. We stand with love. We stand with the victims. We mourn with our brothers and sisters. So when you see this wreath, cry a tear, say a prayer and take a stand.