Pelham Road Baptist Church | Greenville, SC


This Summer we are going to #scatterhope. Here’s the way it works:

It starts in worship..

1. Starting June 3, we invite you to bring flowers, fresh flowers, from your garden. Bring them to the communion table and leave them.

2. Prior to worship another person will come and arrange them in a vase for worship.

3. Before we leave worship we will ask for a volunteer to take these flowers to someone who needs them. If you volunteer, then you take them and give them away to anybody: a stranger, someone in the waiting room at St. Francis, whomever.

4. The next Sunday, return and tells us what their reaction was, how it made you feel. You can even take a picture if you like.

Then, it goes to our neighbors…

The flowers represent hope. Yes, worship produces hope (so we keep them on the communion table); but, hope is not reserved for the sanctuary. We then take the flowers to someone who needs them and we scatter the hope. Yet, our prayer is that this is only the “weekly reminder” to #scatterhope.

May we weekly and daily look for opportunities to spread Gospel hope. When we see the lonely, those in despair, those going through a divorce, those carrying the weight of the world speak a word of hope and show a gesture of hope and thus #scatterhope.

All summer, each Sunday, we will do this, and when we share pictures on this subject (Facebook and Instagram), we will do so with #scatterhope.