Pelham Road Baptist Church | Greenville, SC

Welcome Message


We want to take this opportunity to welcome you and extend an invitation for you to get to know Pelham Road Baptist Church. It is our experience that Pelham Road is a unique Baptist church in Greenville.  We are a progressive, welcoming congregation. We believe women may serve in the church from pastor, deacon and any leadership position.

We are the kind of Baptists who hold true to our Baptist heritage of soul freedom, church freedom, bible freedom, and religious freedom. With a rich history of celebrating diversity, struggling with the hard questions of faith, and working for justice, our congregation has been a bright light for those seeking a different but authentic church experience.  We are doing our best when we are not in the church building: feeding the homeless at Triune Mercy Center, serving the students at local schools, and doing missions.  This is BEING the church.

The center of what we do “at church” is worship, Bible study and fellowship.
We respect every person’s individual faith journey while working together to serve our community and our world.  Our worship reflects this core concern. Our theme for worship this year is HOPE.  Our worship style is traditional and the music style is blended. We sing both the Hymns of our Faith and Contemporary Choruses. The atmosphere is casual. You may wear what you want to worship. Our pastor typically wears a coat and tie.  One of our Associates wears business casual and our other Associate Pastor wears a dress.

While being committed to our mission of being a people that extends God’s love and grace in our world, we also believe that as community we are to care for one another. We seek to do this through our many opportunities to build relationships while ministering, learning, and having fun together. There is a full range of programs and ministries for all ages-children, youth, and adults-on both Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. There are numerous mission groups in which to be involved.  We also have many opportunities for fellowship as well as annual events that allow us to enjoy our community of welcoming folks like our Thanksgiving Meal, Christmas Cookie Swap, Fall Festival and more.

As interested as we are in you getting to know us, we are equally interested in learning about you and your faith journey. Hearing your story enriches our story and the life of our community. Please know we welcome conversation with you.  Our staff is never too busy to find time to meet with you and tell you more about our church.